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Growing With Northwest Business Since 1971
We offer complete VoIP solutions that include affordable features and proven reliability.  Our knowledge of telecommunications permits us to create a total integrated voice network in a way other providers can not duplicate.  To keep pace with your future needs, we constantly strive to offer the latest in VoIP technology.  Our systems are equipped to integrate voice processing, wireless, SIP,  and related peripherals.  This is part of our commitment to serve you better, now and in the years ahead.  We are confident that our equipment will help streamline operating costs and provide many benefits to your staff and clients.
Voice Processing
NEC Voice Messaging systems offer many time-saving options to help you manage your voice mail in a more effective and efficient way. Email Notification with .wav file attachment and Conversation Record are just two features, integrated within the SV8100 Communication Server that enhance the performance and functionality of your network.
Network Cabling

We are expert in the arena of Cat 5, Cat 6 and Fiber Optic voice/data cable drops, ranging from 2 to 400 locations. Server rooms and data racks are installed in a neat and orderly fashion and cable runs are concealed wherever possible. We will schedule your installation for a time that is convenient to your business operations.

Call Accounting
SonicView and Ultra Call Analyst programs are powerful tools to help you manage and maintain peak efficiency in your business by providing extensive graphical and textual reporting of extension and trunk activity including date/time, duration, Caller ID, dialed number, account codes, etc.
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